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The Sterling Philosophy

There are many organizations that focus on the team OR the individual. We place equal emphasis on both and use a system that allows us to reinforce the team and individual concepts that we teach at all times. We built this program to develop the complete player.


We focus on every detail and believe that if you expect more, children tend to deliver and achieve more. While we understand that we are working with youth, we push our players to reach deeper, which results in their recognition that a dedication to hard work and keeping focused is what leads to growth.


We want to build confidence by reinforcing the right behaviors and teaching kids valuable life skills which, although learned on the court, prove to be much more valuable off the court.


Individual Skill Development

As our players improve their individual skills, they graduate to more advanced techniques and concepts. We focus on every facet of the game and break these concepts down into smaller parts so that players can develop solid habits.


Successful skill development is not just predicated upon repetition. It is imperative that kids understand why they are learning a drill and when they might use it in a competitive situation.


Team Play

We want to build teams that stay together and grow together. We teach advanced offensive and defensive systems that can be adopted by all of our different teams regardless of age. As our players grow older, or move up levels, they continue utilizing and building on that system.


We look for families who understand the commitment of club play. Practice and game schedules can be challenging, but are part of the process. We aspire to create a successful and fun environment, but this takes a certain level of dedication on the part of our coaches, players, and parents.

Coach Chad Sterling

All of our coaches have extensive experience and have played or coached across all levels of basketball. 

Coach Chad Sterling is the founder of Los Angeles based Sterling Basketball Academy and has become known as one of the elite trainers in southern California. As a trainer he has developed a system by which players develop their individual skills and learn how to incorporate those skills into the various scheme concepts that are in the game today.


From the time he began playing this game, he realized that he was an undersized guard, which to him meant that he would have to work harder and play smarter than his peers if he ever wanted to succeed in the game of basketball.


His hard work and attention to detail not only resulted in him becoming a stand-out high school player but also earned him a scholarship to California Baptist University as well as the opportunity to play professionally overseas. After injury put a stop to his professional career, he turned his focus to sharing the lessons of his experience with younger, less experienced players. With that mindset, he began personal training with a focus on solid fundamentals and advanced skill development.


Although he has worked with several NBA players and highly recruited college athletes, his passion has always been to work with the younger players where he can eliminate some bad habits and give kids a foundation of fundamentals that will better allow them to adopt the more complex skills that they will need as they grow in the game.


Throughout his 12 years as a basketball trainer, he has developed and refined training methods centered on not only building basketball skills but also life skills that contribute to a player’s overall character development. It is imperative to him that he does not only help in developing better players but also better people.


Coach Chad is presently building the academy one player at a time in an effort to give back a little bit of what he has been blessed with through the game of basketball.

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