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The ​Sterling Basketball Academy aspires to be one of the elite youth basketball development programs in Los Angeles.  
We offer comprehensive skill training and prepare our players for advanced competition.  We also put our work to the test as Sterling Basketball Teams compete in various club leagues and tournaments. 
An inside look.....
Individual Skill Development

Building individual skills is about more than just repetition.  At Sterling Basketball Academy we start with a strong fundamental foundation, supporting ball handling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defense.


We then take it to the next level by arming players with the understanding of how, where and when to use those skills in the context of competition.

Team Play


Young athletes (as young as 5 years old) can absorb and execute much more than expected when more is demanded of them.  


SBA's Team Play utilizes a sophisticated offensive and defensive system which is implemented across all teams.  Court awareness and court IQ are improved as players graduate to more complex phases of the system. 


Most importantly, we instill a disciplined approach to the game that leverages the individual skills developed in the Sterling Basketball Academy.

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